Birthday and a talk

November 7, 2011   

It has been one party after another it seems! The Head of HR for BAS is staying on base for two weeks and it was his birthday so as I was on earlies I made starter of smoke salmon with puff pastry, a steak dinner with creamed spinach and potatoe gratin.

Followed by a chocolate cake that Tommy helped me decorate with Peter’s airplane. James had asked to look at a picture and got the registration for us and colours.

We presented him with a framed picture that Sam took of star trails at the Greene with the glaciers behind. I quickly through the frame together from some driftwood we had picked up off the beach on the Greene.

Dinner was followed by a wonderful presentation by Pat Lurcock of his slides taken when he did a traverse of South Georgia in 1999 with three others. It took 29 days in total and they climbed a total of 25000 feet over the 175km or so trip. No one has done this trip before or since – quite an accomplishment.


One Response to “Birthday and a talk”

  1. Mousie, after all that work, you guys should get a double bonus

    Love DAD