December 26, 2011   

More grapes of both the off the vine variety to eat for breakfast and in the bottle variety today. We woke up and thought it was a day for culture however, all the museums etc are closed on Mondays. So what to do! I checked out the top 50 things to do in Santiago and found a winery we could get to by metro.

The winery we went to is the second largest in the world and has 18 different grapes including one that was thought to be extinct after a disease killed all the vines in France. There are two different types of casks to age the wine – american oak and french oak. The french oak casks are double the price of the american so the special wine is put in those and the barrels are used 4 times with the wine being aged for up to 18 months. Rob had my wine though I had a sip of each and the white was OK but the red was very strong.

On the way back we got an ice cream (a rarity on base) and stopped to get my bus ticket to travel to Mendoza which I will do overnight on Wednesday. We stopped at the supermarket and got yet more fruit and lunch makings. Also some fresh lemons for lemonade which is something I have been craving.

The meal at Vacas Gordas (Fat Cow) was very very good at an amazingly cheap price.

We are well a truly full to bursting after potatoe gratin, an 8oz+ fillet steak, spinach and a mixed salad.

Looking back at this post it is rather food orientated which is slightly odd seeing as we do have very good food on base. The fruit and veg though is in short supply hence my excitement with it 🙂


3 Responses to “Grapes”

  1. So glad the restaurant worked out. Will put a thank you note in the flt att box who recommended it, she was so kind and helpful. A winery visit for our none drinking duaghter ??!! Love Mum and Dad

  2. I hope you got a good steak out of the place, am in LA with Jerry and Betsey
    Off to get Mom and then do the Christmas Lights with Bruce and Joan, and
    then dinner at the Long Beach Club later.



    Old vineyard about 20kms south of centre of Mendoza. Good food, but not ‘posh’.
    This is a more modern place a bit further south. Stunning food and views over to the BIG A – your mountain!

    But there are so many good places, you can’t go wrong. Enjoy. We had a meal in Richmond, Surrey last night – in Gaucho restaurant. Malbec heaven. And outside was a statue of Bernardo O’Higgins – Chile’s founder. Small world!