Life – BBC1 about Antarctica wildlife

October 12, 2009   

Tonight there was a program on BBC1 called Life. If you click here you will get to the online version of it. The beginning is really amazing about bottlenose dolphin hunting techniques. To get to the stuff about Antarctica without watching the whole hour long program there are three sections you can fast forward to
10:30 on the clock it has about 5 minutes
40:30 to 46:00
48:00 to end

Enjoy… Oh one more amazing fact. Leopard seals can open their mouths 180 degrees and have teeth bigger than lions…


One Response to “Life – BBC1 about Antarctica wildlife”

  1. What a terrific programme that is, great way to relax after doing taxes all day. Thoose dolphins are so smart, not too keen on the leopard seals, just met a pilot who rounded up penguins and transported them to San Diego Zoo!! x mum