A freshy day!

December 29, 2010   

Todays meal was all freshies due to the kindness of the FRAM the cruise ship which gave us lots of fresh goods on christmas eve. With the number of eggs I was able to make quiche and a salad bar! Even the boys ate it.

I spent many hours with Rob, Alastair and Jon over at Myviken tramping through the tussock to get a gps tag back from a female who has been collecting data since the beginning of december.


2 Responses to “A freshy day!”

  1. Ash,

    Looks yummy. you guys really got to eat well for the holidays. It sounds like your Christmas was truly a once in a lifetime experience. We thought of you in Colorado this year and missed you. Love the posts and photos. Thanks!


  2. it was a nice experience for sure I guess it is the people that make it amazing and I was missing a few people (family)…