Christmas has come

December 14, 2011   

My big taxi has arrived however, I am determined to get into the christmas spirit before leaving KEP hence the santa hat!

We decorated the Church and KEP bar today with the OTEP crowd coming to help.The museum folk did a great job of making lots of tasty goodies and mulled wine was served to keep everyone happy. What we need is someone to donate some tasteful decorations to the church as some of the ones we have are a bit cheesy! But it got lots of people together and was still great fun. Ali did a timelapse like last year which I am sure he will post on his website soon.

Ali was wrapped by Katie in decorations!

The boys helped to decorate the gingerbread house. Thank you to Mum who sent down the sweets to put on the house. I made the house from scratch and it was a bit draughty kind of like South Georgia huts!

Sarah and Sally came to help as well. The end result was not as ordered and beautiful as last year but it will be fun for everyone to break it on christmas day.

Our bar nicely decorated. The base decided on a single tree this year instead of a forest!


4 Responses to “Christmas has come”

  1. Agh, & you won’t be there to break down the house; my goodness the year has gone quick & we’ll miss you & your blog – and that is quite a taxi, I’ll have a lift on that one anyday – offers anyone!

    All the best, mark

  2. Yes – your blog is a gem. Many thanks and good luck.

  3. Betsy, Jerry and Your Mom

    Nice Job, Ash! Looks really great. Have a safe trip back, all the way.

    Your mom thinks it’s amazing you did it from scratch. Must be something you inherited from your dad…

  4. Betsy, Jerry and Your Mom

    Have a great journey Ashley, will miss your happy blog, lovely pics etc.please do call from Falklands xx mum