Doc School expedition

July 8, 2011   

Tommy was on earlies this morning and by the time we all got up the board was full! The above picture says the following
‘Looking for strong hardy men and women to manhaul thousands of millimeters across some of the toughest terrain in South Georgia.Will encounter landslides, blizzards, exposed electrical cable, flooding and wild beasts. A voyage of self discovery. Applicants must be light hearted, willing, furry faced, GSOH (good sense of humour), kind, loving and enjoy long walks along the beach. Return for smoko may not be guaranteed. ‘

We found that the stretcher I modified yesterday dug into the snow too much filling with snow and the fins dug into the ground as the snow was not very deep. So all change to the snowsled fiberglass pulk which is designed for man hauling and there wasn’t a problem with digging in or filling up.

As we were about to pull off down the track Matt Mech came to say he needed help as the sewage outfall had frozen over and therefore the sewage was backing up! Nice!! So Matt Boat, Tommy and Matt Mech had the fun job of power washing and roding out the outfall. Meanwhile I studiously worked on my computer!

After the outfall was sorted we headed out with the boys pulling the pulk full of books that needed to go to the musuem and then myself and Sam who decided to have a ride.

I clipped into the hauling system when we went uphill and it was hardwork requiring 4 people to pull uphill with Matt Boat sitting in the pulk. We learnt a lot about setting up the hauling system and how to come downhill safely on skis/snowboard and on snowshoes. I decided not to ski as the snow was thin and I didn’t want to wreck the base of my skis. After a break back at base it was time for the normal friday scrub out.

Turns out it would be helpful to recycle another climbing harness into a hauling harness so a project for next week.

Tomorrow Rob and I are off on a camping trip to Harpon for one night and won’t be back till Sunday. So have a great weekend where ever you are.

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