Hauling the fuel!

April 16, 2011   

This morning Tommy, Sam, Rob and I went up to Deadmans all with different modes of snow travel! Tommy had his snowboard, Sam just snowshoes, Rob his skis and myself with snowshoes and a sledge with hauling harness.

The boys had a great time skiing and snowboarding on a few patches however, they did cause some damage to their boards and skis with scree that came through the snow. I picked up the jerry can of kerosene and put it on the sledge and hauled it the rest of the way to the hut about 9km round trip. A rope brake worked great for the downhills so I didn’t get taken out by the sledge. A small load but noticeable.

Pictures are by Sam Crimmin

I have spent the afternoon making some accessories for Tommy and my rucksacks to hold ski poles, avalanche probs, avalanche shovels and his snowboard. I am also making myself my own towing harness to take with me when I leave. A good way to spend a blowie rainy afternoon. Oh and Ruth did a grand job of cutting my hair. Tomorrow I am on earlies and am going to make american style buckwheat pancakes with the maple syrup my parents brought for everyone on base. Hope you all had a great saturday.


3 Responses to “Hauling the fuel!”

  1. Can I come for pancakes?

  2. Wish you could have! You would love it here…

  3. Not impressed by the haircut bit, Simone could have done a flying visit xx mum