In Stanley

December 22, 2011   

Arrived in Stanley after a very calm passage from SG of 4 days the FPV rolled like no tomorrow despite the calm seas.

We had some stunning sunsets.

The launch came alongside the FPV to take us ashore as we were anchored off.

Rob next to a sticker on the launch saying – Caledonian Ferries – we Sail to the Scottish Highlands. That would be quite a trip home!

We had a welcome party of Jude (from the South Georgia government), Ken Passfield, Graham (Kelinka’s finacee) and a sea lion which makes furries look positively small.

Time to do a bunch of chores including sending my annual report back and putting together some goodies for those still on base. Off sailing on Ken’s 30 footer this afternoon. The internet is fast here and there are a lot of cars. I am certain Stanley has become bigger as well and of course you have to carry money! Lots to relearn 🙂

Have a great christmas everyone.


2 Responses to “In Stanley”

  1. I don;t know if the other comment went, but we are thrilled that you got to
    stanley and that things are OK we pick up De at 130 and Myles at 630

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading about your time in South Georgia over the last year – a place I know having visited on cruise ships.

    Thanks for your regular posts, and your insight into life at KEP. Have a greatch Christmas / New Year and all the best for the future.