Last Camp

December 15, 2011   

It was windy all day but at 5pm John, Tommy and myself headed off to Maiviken Cave for a last camping trip for myself. We stopped off at the hut and picked up some old wood for a camp fire and headed on down to Papua beach which was teaming with seals. John hasn’t really found his love of them however, I am sure that will change!

The view from the cave was beautiful. Tommy and I decided to bivvy outside the cave but Tommy was scared he might wake up with a furry breathing down his neck so he created a fortress with wood!

We arrived just in time for scheds and dinner. I cooked up some of the chilli that I dehydrated a few weeks back. It was much better than the freeze dried pack n go’s. Off to sleep early as we had to get up at 5:15am to get back for work at 7:15. I will miss the easy camping trips.

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