Tommy’s snowboarding attempt!

April 12, 2011   

I started work at my normal 7:30am after a run in the snow so I could finish at 4pm. Tommy persuaded me to take 30 minutes for lunch and I had some things to drop off at the hyrdo so we left base at 3:30pm. We were in search of a slope with enough snow for Tommy to snow board. So we trudged up the track to Gull Lake left off the torches and gas bottles in the hydro and kept on going up into Hodges Bowl.

At some points the snow was half way up my thighs and in other places there was just ice clinging to the scree.

We got back as the sun set but with our head torches and all the other safety gear it was safe as houses – just a tad windy. Race Antarctica started so it is time to clock up those miles. Tommy and I agree that post hole digging through the snow should equal more than running on the pavement in Cambridge or on a treadmill but lots of things in life aren’t fair and post hill digging is a lot more fun 🙂

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