xray lessons

November 26, 2010   

Unfortunately someone on base needed an xray done on their foot after a fight with a rock which they lost. This was the first xray I have ever taken and then developed in the dark room on base. It is made very easy for us with step by step instructions but also having the Dr. there to teach you means you can’t really get it wrong. The xray machine has been well worked in the last week as a cruise ship passenger was also in need on one today.


2 Responses to “xray lessons”

  1. So did you decide there wasa hairline fracture on the right ?x mum

  2. It was a fracture of the metacarpul on the right and it is not healing. Another patient today off a large cruise ship with a broken ankle – we made a back board so as to let the swelling go down. So I am getting good at xrays! – we did three of the ankle. The captain then had us aboard as his private guests it is a brand new ship just built in Italy.