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Innerview – Dawn of an Era

February 2, 2002   

RYM owner Ashley Perrin is mentioned in this Innerview.

Sportboat asks: Why did the America True ignore Ocean Planet’s (Made in America) requests for support? Why is America True involved with the Sierra 26?

I am not sure where this information came from. We had a lot of meetings with Ocean Planet, spent many days working with them on their positioning and marketing. Offered to carry their gear in our retail store and basically were completely open with all of our experience and knowledge. Right now one of our team members Ashley Perrin is on her way to Charleston to work on the boat and is using her considerable talent as well as experience gained here at AT to redesign their web page. Other than financing their team there is not much else we could have done.

We try to help just about anyone who calls or stops by. I would say that about 20% of our time is spent just being a sounding board or ‘answer people’ and as a nonprofit foundation operating on a shoestring budget this is a big non-revenue generating activity.