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Pics of us in Atlantic Cup

May 30, 2012   

On the bow furling the code 0 after hoisting the kite.

Very close racing. We are the red bow on the right just behind Campagne.

Reaching with the big kite dropping the solent and off we go downwind.

The three pictures are by Meredith Block.

Memorial Day – 3 hours in Boston

May 29, 2012   

The Peter Pan 6am bus was not running so when I got there I was a tad dissapointed at having got up so early needlessly so headed back to my air mattress till 7:30am. Jesse and I took the bus together up to Boston and as the next flight wasn’t till 2:45 I had three hours to kill in Boston. I have been wanting to be a tourist in Boston for a number of years and finally yesterday was the day 🙂 I took the subway to the Charles station and walked back over Beacon Hill to the Common and then got on the Freedom trail ending at Faneuil Hall.

Walking on the brick pavements in a city founded in 1630 (not that old by British standards but ancient by American!) that played a central role in US History including the Boston Tea Party.

I loved the red brick architecture, the beautifully maintained floral displays including many window boxes and of course the US flag displayed from many houses.

In front of the ‘new’ state house built in 1798. During 1997, at a cost of more than $300,000, the dome was re-gilded, in 23k gold!

At Granary burial grounds third oldest in Boston est 1660 with 2345 graves but an estimated 5000 people were buried here. Included are a few gentleman who signed the Declaration of Independence and those who were killed in the Boston Massacre.

Day 2 Atlantic Cup

May 27, 2012   

Racing was postponed while the breeze attempted to fill in. Finally we got a race off but it was necessary to put all out crew weight forward and low as the Class 40 has a very wide stern with lots of surface area causing drag.

We saw a lot of the Code 0 and the big spinnaker. Tons of sail changes can’t even remember how many in only two races.

Our tactician PJ sitting on the leeward rail under the jib getting a tad frustrated!

The current turned on and at some points it was a struggle to make it against with limited wind. The last race of the day was shortened to finish downwind at the entrance to the harbour. As with all days of hardly any wind positions changed rapidly and we went from 3rd to finish 6th on the last race. With these boats a few knots increase in wind will propel the boat quickly past a boat that didn’t get that wisp of wind.

Our results were 3, 6, 8, 5, 6 for the inshore series ending up 8th overall in the Atlantic Cup – joint 6th in the inshore portion of the event out of 14 yachts.

Atlantic Cup Newport Day 1

May 26, 2012   

Meet Stephane he is the skipper of Bureau Veritas in the Atlantic Cup. I am racing on his boat for the inshore portion in Newport RI. We did 3 races today each about 12 miles per race with 14 Class 40’s on the line. Being the only French person on the boat he is having to use his brain a lot to understand what we are all talking about. I think he is enjoying being at the helm and having the rest of us put the sails up and down!

The first race of the day was in fog for portions of it we did a great job at the corners and were able to pick off some boats at some of them. We did have one problem on a leeward drop where I grabbed the belly to pull the spinnaker down and when it refilled it tore (the spinnaker has worked hard). So after racing we went to the Quantum loft and did a repair. I was all set to do the repair myself but the service manager who opened the loft up (as he had a repair to do on the sevenstar class 40 spinnaker) decided to help out so it was a team effort. Thanks Joe at Quantum!

Unfortunately without the large kite for a long downwind we had to fly the medium kite in lighter air so instead of catching on the downwinds which we had been doing on previous legs we ended up holding position. The last race of the day they shortened course at 4:45pm, it didn’t really make sense. We were disappointed as we were hoping to catch some boats on the upwind and the marina was upwind anyways so it would have been faster to have raced back then motor. There were about 5 boats all within a minute of each other.

It has been good fun to be on the bow again with code 0’s, solents, asyms all needing to go up and down on short courses. I have a great mastman who has rescued me a few times as I have been lifted off the deck when trying to douse the massive spinnakers between the two of us! My PFD saved my ribs from a good bruising when the spinnaker refilled in a douse and sent me slamming against the rig. I am sure I will be sore tomorrow morning.

So results today were 3, 6, 8. Tomorrow we have two races stay tuned!

Memorial day weekend of fun

May 22, 2012   

I will be going to Newport Rhode Island on Thursday to race for the weekend aboard Bureau Veritas a class 40 for the inshore racing of the Atlantic Cup. Will try and post pictures etc. this coming weekend.

Hope you have a great weekend. In the meantime I continue to study and will be spending the day tomorrow aboard the Derek Baylis becoming more familiar with the systems aboard and boat handling of her.

Moutain play

May 20, 2012   

We attempted to go out on the Extreme 40 this morning but came across a few problems that made it impossible to go out, despite getting out to the turning basin and hoisting the main. After an hour of working on the boat so it would be prepared for going out next weekend, I went off to the mountain play.

I jumped on the shuttle but it turned out to be the wrong one so I ended up at Muir Woods instead of the top of the mountain with only 15 minutes before the play started – oops. So I hitchhiked with some very nice people from Boston with two kids in their car who drove me to the top of the mountain- very kind of them as it was a 15 minute drive. I arrived only 10 minutes late.

Tara and myself at the play! I enjoyed hanging out with the Davis and their son Tyler.

This years play is The musicman and it was a beautiful day for it with a stunning view of the bay. The musical was as well done as usual. This evening I watched the eclipse of the sun and it is time to do some more studying for my coastguard exams. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Women won’t like working in Antarctica there are no shops or hairdressers


Thanks to the women who changed the establishments view but it wasn’t till the 90’s! Check out this great article.

Extreme 40 ing…

May 16, 2012

Derek Baylis


The boat is a 65 foot wyliecat with a very simple sail plan and perfectly designed for doing research. Only stumbling block is the USCG won’t accept my 200T MCA license so I have a very small amount of time to redo my captains license and take the 6+ exams. So my life for the next month and half will be all about studying to take my exams again using the US methodology. I went out for a quick sail on her today and will be back on her next week getting to know the systems a little better.

The boat is run by Sealife conservation see has been beautifully maintained since it was built. The efficient auxilliary 100hp turbo-diesel has a cruising range of 1100 nautical miles at 10 knots under power and burns a lot less fuel than many research vessels.

We will be doing a sea floor mapping project, mud grappling and shark tagging this summer with more projects lining up all the time.

Happy Mothers Day

May 13, 2012   

Happy Mother’s Day to my mum who shares my love of travel despite the rain in Peru we had a great time!

And supports my brothers and I in all our sailing capers around the world.

Love you mum you are the greatest… xx