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Pacific Cup 2016

September 15, 2016   

Ashley raced aboard a J124 Albion to Hawaii in the 2016 Pacific Cup as watch captain/helm. Unfortunately 450 miles from the finish structural failure of the chainplate bulkhead occurred and we had to drop sails. Turn the boom into a mast and use the trysail as a mainsail. We then were able to pick up fuel from a cruising boat doing the race and continue under power to the finish.

Here is our Pac Cup in a video by Angel our Mother Hubbard onboard who looked after the galley. He truly turned into an asset after only sailing for three years and not having been offshore for more than a day.

Over a decade ago! Video of Atlantic Race in 2005


Over a decade ago I raced with the Hubbards for the first time on a boat they chartered called Tempest. Stephan Lirakis was one of the watch leaders and sent me this video link for you tube . We won our class and were winning the entire race until we got to the English channel and there was no wind. The race these days finishes off the Lizard rather than off the Needles for this very reason.