3.14.6 Lifeline Minimum Diameters, Required Materials, Specifications

June 26, 2008   

The reasoning behind a) is that the PVC cracks in the sun allowing water to sit inside the PVC against the wire and eventually it rusts and snaps when the crew are hiking out. This is not only unsafe but it will slow you down and you probably won’t finish the race!

a) All lifelines shall be stranded stainless steel wire of minimum diameter in table 8 below. Lifelines shall be uncoated and used without close-fitting sleeving. Notwithstanding 3.14.6 (a), temporary sleeving may be fitted provided it is regularly removed for inspection

b) Grade 316 stainless wire is recommended.

When using spectra to attach the lifelines I don’t just put the line through the ‘loop’ that is spot welding on the main pulpit/pushpit tube. I figure of 8 the line going through the loop around the pushpit through the loop and back to the eye in the lifeline. That way I am not relying on the spot welding on the pushpit/pulpit.

c) A taut lanyard of synthetic rope may be used to secure lifelines provided the gap it closes does not exceed 100 mm (4 in).

d) All wire, fittings, anchorage points, fixtures and lanyards shall comprise a lifeline enclosure system which has at all points at least the breaking strength of the required lifeline wire.

Table 8
LOA minimum wire diameter
under 8.5 m (28ft) 3 mm (1/8 in)
8.5m – 13 m 4 mm (5/32 in)
over 13 m (43 ft) 5 mm (3/16 in)

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