Cooking again

May 23, 2011   

Having cooked wednesday and thursday I was on cook again today – a result of holiday changes etc. A few people mentioned craving lasagna so I decided to make one using the fresh toms before they go bad.

Starting with the fresh toms I made a homemade passata (tomotoe puree). This means roasting the toms then simmering on the stove top with a whole onion for an hour. Then push the mush through a sieve and reduce to the thickness required along with an onion, some garlic and some roast peppers.

Next job was to mince the meat using our industrial mincer. I opted to use pre made lasagna sheets instead of making my own pasta as that was probably a bridge to far!

If using eggs here it is a good idea to break each one individually into a cup before added to a recipe. Today I broke open 15 rotten eggs and only had 3 good ones!

So a day of cooking with a quick trip to Deadmans at lunch time as it was such a beautiful cold day. The sleet from yesterday and slight snow left a crisp 2 inches of snow on the ground.

I served the lasagna with a salad of brocolli, oranges, avocado, lettuce, onion, chilli flakes, toms, cucumber, red and yellow pepper, parsley, mint, red wine vinegar, dill – basically a mix of all freshies on station! Also pizza dough balls with mozarella centers and garlic butter.


3 Responses to “Cooking again”

  1. I am amused 🙂
    If you read the books from the days of the early explorers of the Antarctic, food gets mentioned very regularly, & they had dreams full of food & banquets – although the food was always snatched away before they could take a bite!

  2. Yuk x mum

  3. Hope you aren’t saying my food is yuk!