Crane Driving

October 28, 2009   

DSCN4219bFor the last two days I was up in Cambridge at BAS learning to drive the cranes they have mounted on the snow cats. The one I was learning on is actually the smallest one they have. It is a bit like I imagine driving a tank is like – slow and hard to maneouvre. Instead of a steering wheel there are two levers. It was such fun playing around with the machine learning to sling things and move them about the yard. The reason I am being taught this is so that I can load the boats in the water as the slipway was taken out by a storm at Rothera. At Halley which has no boating they take about 2 months to unload the cargo ship and use these machines everyday. Oh and I get a license that looks like your drivers license to allow me to drive them anywhere I want!


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