All set to go

June 5, 2010   

We are all set to leave the dock tomorrow at 9 am race starts at 12:15 and it looks like a light air beat to the Scillies then a run across the Irish Sea. If we are too slow we will be drifting and then beating to the finish late on tuesday so we are hoping for some good wind to get us to Kinsale. The long range forcast shows us in 25-30 knots on the nose going up the west coast of Ireland end of next week. We have been desperately trying to get our computer to work on the boat to no avail so my personal computer will be coming with us – though it is at 100% of the CPU useage. So a day of being a computer geek while finishing off the hatch rebuild to store our liferaft. My mother spent the last week making tasty food for us with lots of treats – brownies, muffins etc. Dad has been running around collecting parts and pieces for us so Team Perrin is all ready for the race to begin and to start enjoying the experience. I personally am looking forward to Kinsale as Clive will be coming down to see me for the stop over and there is also a great steak restuarant we are all going to visit!

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One Response to “All set to go”

  1. Good luck on the race.