Ash clouds

April 22, 2010   

Luckily for us the volcanoe let us into the UK however, it didn’t let me out! The upside is that the weather is beautiful and I got lots done on the boat (my dad’s) to get it repaired for Round Britain and Ireland. Santana went in the water yesterday for an incline test and we await the results next week to see if we are allowed to enter the race in June. Meanwhile I unfortunately missed my friends wedding in Seattle and am not on a flight home until the 28th to San Francisco however, I am in time for the wedding on the 1st May.

It is now much noiser with the planes flying again and there are vapor trailers criss crossing the sky. The last week since I got back to civilisation has been a little bit of a shock but I am getting used to it all again – car keys, mobile phone, wallet, internet that actually works faster than dial up, noise etc.


One Response to “Ash clouds”

  1. I can relate to your shock at returning to civilisation after being away. Since Garth and I returned after our 7 year, 34,000 mile sail (during which we worked on Ocean Planet with you and Bruce Schwab in NZ), we’ve found it a huge readjustment. I concur with many of your sentiments on your Sailing Anarchy article and feel your dilemma.