Folk Night

February 27, 2010   

On Saturday we had Folk Night which is when people can get up an do an act everything from showing a slide show to reciting a poem and of course singing, dancing and playing an instrument. People put a lot of effort into their acts and many of them were very funny. The field assistants who had just returned from a project on the Rutford Ice Stream did a brilliant rap act all about their time on the ice dressed in field clothing with chains of carribeaners and compasses around their necks. I guess you had to have been there! Matt Doc did a video for the winters going back into society about how to act in the real world. The BBC Frozen Planet team did a great 10 minute video with footage of the Wilkens Ice Stream and the dive team at Rothera.


2 Responses to “Folk Night”

  1. Would love to have been there, sounds like a really great evening. Have just had our friends from the island for dinner , ( the ones into folk music, theywere really interested in your blog/ Looking fwd to heaing what you did in the Caboose love mum and dad

  2. Ashley, thank you for calling re the earthquake, so glad to hear that all is well, the radio here only mentions Hawaii. love mum