KEP South Georgia

April 3, 2010   

We arrived off the Base at Bird Island this morning at 8am to find the swell was too high to get the landing craft to the wharf. So after lots of bird watching – the albatross are so stunning – we steamed along the coast of south georgia.

The Captain was kind enough to take a slight detour and took us into a bay with two derelict whaling stations. Stromness was where Shackleton arrived 94 years ago after crossing South Georgia. Click here for more info. The views of South Georgia have been stunning and once we were allowed off the ship many people enjoyed rolling in the grass which is something we don’t have at Rothera – some people aboard haven’t smelt or felt it for almost 2 and half years. Just to see colour is amazing in comparison to the ice at Rothera which sometimes is blue in color but is mostly white or gray.

Tomorrow being Easter we are having the day off for ‘jollies’. We will be starting with a 6am run across the little peninsula to a hut. Then back to the ship for a quick change of clothing and some refreshment and then we plan to bag the summit of Mount Hodges. Followed by a visit to the penguin colonies and the museum at Grytviken and Shackletons grave. So much to do in a day!


2 Responses to “KEP South Georgia”

  1. Ever a tourist, Ashley , such fun. !!! Dad saw a sign sayin “out of New Zealdn” and has decided that is a sign. We leave in a coupol eof days. Boo, had planned on bringing you a tray of grass to the airport, S G has beaten me to it. xxx mum

  2. Yes no need for the grass there is tons of it here!