Loading at Bird Island

April 7, 2010   


This morning at 4am we left the shelter of the bay we had anchored in for 16 hours on the north coast of south georgia and headed to Bird Island.

The weather is still damp and foggy but we have to get relief done so the ship is holding station and all morning the fast response craft has been plying people back and forth. There were 5 people on base so one is joining the ship to go back to the UK and the other 4 stay for winter. Those four have been on to purchase last minute supplies from the ships bond and have their teeth checked and that will be it for the winter.

I am on gash today so have done a bit of cleaning and get a break before the lunch rush in half hour. Not much excitement to report all in all! Tonight we will be heading to the Falklands it could be 3 to 5 days at sea depending on the conditions most likely longer as we are meant to have 40 knots on the nose. So glad there are engines and I don’t have to go up on deck and get soaked every three hours and change sails! This working south has made me soft for sure!


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  1. Phil thinks your blog is brilliant writing, Jane S wants to reply but her iphone will not let her do it. Henry sends big hugs to us all.x mum