Offshore Sail Repair Kit

January 15, 2005   

A bottle of rubbing alchol or acetone and some paper towel is a must to get the sail dry before attempting a repair.  

  • One pair stainless steel scissors
  • One pair regular scissors as a backup
  • One knife dedicated to sail repair
  • Staple gun and staples
  • Three awls to secure the sail while patching
  • Two dozen pushpins
  • One adjustable palm for hand-sewing sails
  • Three seam rippers
  • Selection of needles, size No. 14 and No. 15
  • One roll prewaxed hand-sewing thread 
  • One roll of five-inch sticky back Dacron tape
  • 10 feet of sticky back Dacron 54 inches wide
  • Two rolls of double-stick tape
  • One cans of spray adhesive
  • Three-quarter-inch tubular Nylon webbing
  • Two-inch Nylon webbing
  • Two stainless steel rings with bar
  • 10 feet of Velcro
  • Leech-line cord twice the length of your mast 
  • Assorted pieces of Dacron and Nylon
  • 4200

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