Singapore 10 hours

November 4, 2012   

Arrived airport 10pm and outside the gate was a set of computers so went online and booked a $16 bunk bed in a nearby hostel. Then jumped in a $9 shuttle to the hostel and I am now in my bunk about to go to sleep for 6.5 hours before heading back to Changi airport for the next leg of my journey home. Have a great Sunday.

Changi airport is a great experience would be nice if all airports were like this!


3 Responses to “Singapore 10 hours”

  1. Thanks for the pictures. Its 80 degrees today on Marin. Travel Safe

  2. It looks a fun trip, and you seem to be enjoying , I thought you had some
    school friends in Singapore,
    XXX Mom and DAD

  3. I remember a rooftop bar at Changi with a swimming pool and a putting green.

    Enjoyed a Singa beer there while inhaling the fumes from the apron below.