The sun is back

July 23, 2011   

The sun is back on the very tip of the wharf and in front of the boatshed. It is so nice not to have to walk around to the base of Brown Mountain to get a few of the suns rays! What a stunning day in South Georgia. I spent the day in bed on Friday and Saturday morning.

When I finally got up Saturday it was such a beautiful sunny day I forced myself out in my down jacket to Gull Lake. I was jealous of the boys going to Spencer Peak over Maiviken but it would have been stupid to push myself up the hills like that. Gull Lake was exhausting enough! The water at the shoreline looked like silver thread with the sun reflecting off of it.

I stopped at the top of the waterfall for lunch and looked out over the cove to base.

Gull Lake is well frozen with snowdrifts hiding the shoreline.

When I got back to base I sat in a chair in the sun for two hours in front of the boatshed. I can’t believe how dark my hair has got normally it is bleached blond from the sun but with wearing a ski hat the whole time and their not being much sun it is not california style anymore 🙁

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