A message from Rocky the Penguin to P2M

December 20, 2011   

I was given the below message for the boys and girls at Edinburgh Academy by an Emperor penguin called Rocky.


Dear P2M Boys and Girls,

Thank you so much for making my last few days before I headed home so enjoyable. Where should I begin, well the P1/2 nativity was spectacular, the ‘Penguin Party’ for Alex’s 6th Birthday was amazing…I’ve never known a penguin party could be so much fun and then you invited me to your own Christmas Party – I thought it was great fun and I could see on all your faces that you were enjoying it too! Well done for playing the pass the parcel game so well as I know you all wanted to hold on to that present until the music stops– I think I will introduce that game to all my friends and wrap a fish in baby penguin down feathers!

As you can see from the pictures attached, I have now arrived safely home in Antarctica and I have gone through a major change since you last saw me. I have lost my down feathers and have matured into an adult Emperor Penguin – it feels so good to not look like a big grey fluff ball!

I would like to thank you so much for everything you have done since I first stepped into your lives all those weeks ago. You cared for me so well and I learnt so much from watching you work so hard in the classroom. The adventures I had when I left your classroom for home will stay with me for the rest of my life and I can’t wait to tell all the other penguins about the truly amazing stories I have witnessed – I bet they won’t believe half of them.

You are all a fantastic bunch and I hope you all have a super Christmas holiday and work hard for the rest of P2!

Love you lots,



P.S I will email you later in the year to hear how you are getting on!


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  1. Best picture ever x mum