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All dug in – Key West 09

January 30, 2009   

I know I have been useless updating the blog. Here are my last three weeks in pictures.

Sleeping on the boat in the original A2 when I forgot my sleeping bag in the yard office that had closed for the night. Luckily it was warm in Florida. Some long days before the charters arrive for Lauderdale to Key West Race. See

Cooking Coq Au Vin at Steff’s in the middle of the night. It was very tasty but for half the crew they didn’t get to eat it as there was a all hands call on deck just as I was serving up the second lot and so it was never eaten. It was a large effort next time spagetti bolognaise will do the trick just as well!

Start of the Key West Lauderdale Race. The race down was not as eventful as 2007 but we did manage to go the wrong side of one mark and have to unwind ourselves and then had a close call with a coral head. We didn’t get the surfing speeds of last time and there were a lot of gybes as we had electronics so we stayed in shallower water the whole time. Got a little cold at night.

After settling everyone into the crew houses in Key West I flew back to Lauderdale and picked up the van of delivery items and crew gear and did the costco shopping. This is one of 3 cart loads of food it took me 3 hours in Costco. Feeding 15 people for 10 days required wholesale quantities of food. I also did a few supermarket runs on top of this one which as you can see there is a lot of beer.

A screen shot of my excel spreadsheets for the food required during each part of the project in Florida.

Some of the days in Key West were like sailing in the Solent with a cold northerly blowing. We got some good starts and some poor starts. The good ones were depressing as within a few minutes we would be rolled by the TP52’s or the STP65 and that would be that. It was encouraging to see our speed relative to Sjambok has improved the bowsprit has made a large difference to the bow not digging in and getting around the corners is that much easier.

Repair done during race week after we were hit by Sjambok’s bowsprit. Luckily it just punctured the outer carbon and didn’t damage the inner skin. This will last till she gets back to the UK for a proper repair and paint job.

After race week I hoisted out at Robbies and due to her draught they didn’t have stands large enough so they ‘dug’ Yeoman in with a back hoe. Actually really stable and easier for me to get her ready for delivery. The two blue drums are diesal drums for delivery to Antigua as I only have a 10g built in tank. I spent 4 days getting her ready for the delivery south next week.

This is the 4 month old puppy that was living on the houseboat next to Yeoman at Robbies. I looked after her for the day as the owners girlfriend was hit by a hummer when on a scooter and was taken to hospital. Very cute and she enjoyed riding around on the cart at Home Depot much more than Draeger the dog does at home!


Days with Ashley

January 10, 2009   

Life around Ashley is like life inside a tornado…not that I’ve ever been in one but that’s the closest description I can think of.

As I type this, she’s here in my kitchen, which never gets used for anything more than a steak and some steamed veggies ora sandwich… and she’s cooking Coq au Vin for 14 crew for the race to Key West! I wonder if the crew has any idea how much she goes out of her way for them…probably not.

Oh, and I should mention that it is now near 2300hrs and she flew in from SF on Thurs. night at near midnight, and went up to Palm Beach on Fri and worked on the boat all day and slept aboard in an older spinnaker and worked all day and and arrived back here at about 2030hrs or so and has been cooking ever since.

I spent the day with Ashley on the boat on Friday trying hard to be useful… just little tasks like taking inventory of their packaged food and the first aid kit and emailing them off to where they needed to go. I also managed to get the lifeline cushions on the port side, though I must confess it took me 2 tries to get them right.

So, that’s my story for the moment. When she finishes cooking, we’ll vacuume seal the food and clean up the kitchen and try to get a bit of sleep and tomorrow we get to go SAILING!

We’ll do a bit of a car shuffle, and head back up to Cracker Boy Boat Works to get Yeoman XXXII and SAIL down to Ft. Lauderdale so she’ll be here for the start of the Ft. Lauderdale to Key West race on Wednesday.

The above was written by my gracious host Steffi who is now trying to revert the raping of her kitchen back to virgin status. The coq au vin will NEVER be made again. Started at 8pm and it is now 12:20am…. bed time.

Article in the Marin IJ

January 5, 2009   

You can read about a day in the life of RYM in todays Marin IJ article.

Diving Monterey


So after a day in the classroom with 3 exams and mulitple knowledge reviews towards my divemasters certificate on Saturday I got to help with an open water class on Sunday. We did two hours in the swimming pole and then two open water dives. The students were brothers one 19 and the other 22. They hardly needed teaching! To them the dives were very exciting. To me I had a cold was finding it hard to equalize and it was 51F in the water which even with a drysuit was cold. I ended up with blocks of ice for feet which took a long time to unthaw. But on the positive side I was moving along in 40 feet of water when something came at me from above like a rocket – turned out to be a cormorant. Took me a bit by surprise at first I was thinking that is an odd fish and by the time my slow brain clicked the bird had taken off along the bottom. Amazing site.

I did my Nitrox course on Saturday so at the end of the month when I do my wreck diving course I will be doing the dives on enriched air. A little bit of extra oxygen isn’t a bad thing unless you get hit by oxygen toxicity which is totally counter intuitive to me. So this week I am finishing off lots of little jobs on all my Bay Area boats and packing for 3 weeks working in Florida.