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Downwind home

March 29, 2012   

Today we blasted downwind with the A3 back to Nanny Cay from Virgin Gorda. We unfortunately had an incident on the start and by the time we were back racing we were a ways behind so decided to go conservative with the A3 instead of flying the A3 in 20 knots gusting higher. A beautiful day on the water followed by some boat work so we can be on the water racing tomorrow for the start of the BVI regattta proper. Only 3 days left then I am headed home to California finally after so long away – looking forward to it.

Virgin Gorda

March 27, 2012   

We moved to BVI and within 5 minutes of getting to the house it was full of 16 crew while Hannah and I made salmon, couscous and grilled veg for dinner. The forecast for the race up to virgin GordaWe was for under 5 knots of wind so I took the boat with 7 others while everyone else went by ferry. The race committee boat postponed the race as there was no wind and put up the follow me signal. At this point Neil from Acadia a friend of mine motored up and started towing us at 8 knots – much better than 4 knots under our own steam:-). We never did reach that wind so unfortunately they are having a race tomorrow to make up for it so there goes my lay day of diving. Things could be worse in paradise. Tonight and tomorrow I am off dinner duties as we are going out at Bitter ENd YC and Leverick. Yippee.

For this regatta we are racing under a different rating so we can’t use our code 0 which means of course that we will wAnt it!

Moving on

March 25, 2012   

Finished racing at St Thomas and now we are moving to the British Virgin Islands tomorrow. We will load 10 onto the boat and 7 will take the ferry over to Tortola. We will move into our houses over there and then on tuesday there is a passage race up to Virgin Gorda. We spend a day in Virgin Gorda where I hope to go diving with some of the guys before a race back. The regatta website is

David who I raced with to Hawaii came in to day so I am looking forward to him coming aboard. Hannah (40 degrees boat captain) and myself are exhausted and the crew is out partying so we are attempting to sleep with the music blasting out from the yacht club. It has been a hard few days racing the boat around short courses and my tan lines are interesting to behold! I believe I might get the rudolph award with my bright red nose 🙂

My friend from the bay area Michelle will be at BVI so it will be great fun to catch up with her after such a long time away.

Have a great week

In St Thomas USVI

March 22, 2012   

We left Antigua (Sean, Hannah and myself) on monday afternoon on the Class 40 called 40 degrees and delivered it to St Thomas for the Rolex Regatta. We got in at 1:30am on wendesay morning and after clearing customs and immigration headed to the regatta site at St Thomas YC. Today thursday we practiced for quite a long time getting all the manouvers down with 10 people aboard which is quite a few for this design of boat. We will be here racing till monday morning then head to the BVI. Check out the action at

East coast lobster

March 18, 2012   

I had an overnight stopover in New York on my way to Antigua so went to visit some friends in Conneticut. We went to a great resturant and they bought me a 2lb lobster which was very tasty. As you can see I was quite happy with the spread.

Diving in Bermuda

March 14, 2012   

My sister in law and I went diving today which was great fun. Our first dive was on a wreck of the Pelinaion. See the video below for what the wreck looks like.

The Greek steamer, Pelinaion, was built in 1907 by Russell & Company, Port Glasgow, for Hill SS. Company, Ltd. and originally named Hill Glen. She was 385 feet in length, had a 49.9 foot beam, was powered by 384 n.p.h triple expansion engines and displaced 4,291 gross tons. In 1914, she was sold and re-named Doonholm. After serving with a number of British tramp owners, she was sold in 1927 to G.K. Ktistakis, Chios, Greece, and renamed K. Ktistakis. In 1939, she was re-named once again the Pelinaion.

On December 22, 1939, the ship sailed from Takiradi, West Africa, for Baltimore, Maryland, with a cargo of iron ore. On January 16,1939, under the command of Captain Janis Valikos, while heading for Bermuda to take on fuel, she was wrecked off David’s Head, Bermuda. Captain Valikos was apparently unaware that St. Davids Light was out due to the war, and he inaccurately calculated the position of his ship.

Today, the Pelinaion lies scattered in 65 feet of water. Her engine stands upright coming to within 10 feet of the surface, and her bow sits in only 20 feet of water. Mike Burke tells us of a tunnel like cave that starts on the reef, which allows divers to swim under the ship’s hull and end up in her stern. Divers can see her deck winches, propeller and anchor while exploring this magnificent shipwreck.

The second dive was a reef dive and we saw tarpen that were about 4-5 feet long, went through arches in the reef and saw a school of groupers.

A few photos of work as Expedition Staff on Corinthian II

March 8, 2012   

In the swing of things! on the crane after a landing. Luckily the guys didn’t have a pile of snowballs like when we pelted Jonathon!

The team was great fun to work with. I don’t think I have been that silly and laughed that hard for a number of years! Snotty nose (jelly fish parts) at Deception!

Chris, Jonathon, myself and Iggy waiting for the others to set up their cameras for a team shot. Sunny day at Deception Island.

Breakfast on the veranda at Port Lockroy we took the zodiacs around while the ship repositioned so had time for coffee before the tourists needed to be offloaded to the island.


March 6, 2012   

Finally arrived in Bermuda and the dog and my nephew remember me despite it being 20 months 🙂 Happy Aunt Ash


March 5, 2012   

I got to Lima late last night and have spent the day so far just replying to emails and organising the boat for Rolex and BVI regatta. In 12 days I will be arriving in Antigua and re learning how to race yachts ;-). First thing is to get a CSA rating for the boat then deliver it with Sean and Hannah to St Thomas via BVI to meet Barry and the rest of the team.

In the meantime I was able to catch up with Will and his family in Buenos Aires. Last time I sailed with him was 2007 in Newport RI on Yeoman XXXII it was great fun to see him and meet his wife and boy even if it was only briefly at the airport. Tomorrow in New York I have the day in the city before flying to Bermuda so will be catching up with another old friend there. I love having people all over the world to stop in an see – makes the layovers a lot less boring.

Have a good week.

Headed north

March 1, 2012   

I am just about to enter Drakes passage for our two day trip to Ushuaia the last trip of the season for Corinthian II. It has been a fun three week working with Danny once again and seeing what life is like on expedition ships. The team with Iggy as Expedition Leader has been such fun to work with with everyone laughing and smiling the whole time. I will write more when I get back online properly and of course post some pictures. For this summer season it is good bye to the great white continent which has basically been my home since 2009. I hope to be back next season maybe aboard a sailing vesel, expedition ship or working for the americans – we shall see what opportunities present themselves. It is now time to head north though to see my nieces and nephew and of course Draeger the dog. I am very much looking forward to 10 days with them in Bermuda.