Headed north

March 1, 2012   

I am just about to enter Drakes passage for our two day trip to Ushuaia the last trip of the season for Corinthian II. It has been a fun three week working with Danny once again and seeing what life is like on expedition ships. The team with Iggy as Expedition Leader has been such fun to work with with everyone laughing and smiling the whole time. I will write more when I get back online properly and of course post some pictures. For this summer season it is good bye to the great white continent which has basically been my home since 2009. I hope to be back next season maybe aboard a sailing vesel, expedition ship or working for the americans – we shall see what opportunities present themselves. It is now time to head north though to see my nieces and nephew and of course Draeger the dog. I am very much looking forward to 10 days with them in Bermuda.


3 Responses to “Headed north”

  1. Work has been a fun vacation for you mousie!!! Hope Daniel is happy when he
    picks you up from the airport.


  2. Welcome back dearest daughter xx mum xx

  3. In some ways you could say that Dad! 😉