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Leaving Peru headed south

February 13, 2012   

I will write more about Peru at some point but for now I am leaving and headed south to Ushuia to get aboard the cruise ship headed for the Antarctic Peninsula. Will update when I can. Great holiday with my parents but I have also never been so wet! It sure does rain in Peru.

Without computer

February 8, 2012   

My computer spit the dummy and can no longer find the hard drive. Fingers crossed that someone in the UK can get the files off otherwise I have lost all my emails from 7 years, my accounting for my business, all documents and my pictures from south america. So time to buy a new computer. As a result my blog will be very infrequent between now and April.


Currently I am in Lake Tittaccacca Peru which is the highest lake in the world. Two days here then onto Colca Canyon and Arequipa. From the 14th I will be working aboard Corinthian II as an expedition leader for two round trips to the Antarctic Peninsula from Argentina.