Easter in South Georgia

April 4, 2010   

So instead of hunting for yummy chocolate eggs in the grass we were on the look out for baby fur seals in the tussock grass. You don’t want to end up getting bitten by one as the bites are nasty and full of bacteria that requires IV antibiotics etc.

A group of us set out at 6am for a run to Myviken (spelling) which is a beautiful little bay. It was a stunning morning however, the run didn’t go that well in that I had to keep on stopping to take pictures!

Back for a quick breakfast before we set out again to go up Mt Hodges but then the weather came in so with wind and snow we decided to spend time in the museum. The museum is in the house that the whaling station manager lived in. It is a well run place with lots of interesting information. The weather continued to be a bit miserable so we headed for the King Penguin colony about 3km around the bay on the beach. Again it took a long time to get around as there were so many great photo ops!

Now time to go off for a BBQ which will be typically British in that it will continue to rain/snow but everyone will have a great time! Pinch me am I really getting paid for this!


4 Responses to “Easter in South Georgia”

  1. Yes consider it a tax benefit!!!
    Well, we did try to go to church at a Maori place in Rotarua but they closed it before we could even say a prayer!! Could not decide what kind of omen it was went thru a town called Clive and 2 drunken Irish men kept us awake all night a cruise around Antartic must be at least 8000 so enjoy and do not think about the troop carrier? you may be going on. yes?
    XXXX Mom and DAD

  2. The bells in the church were ringing at one point this morning. The church here is all done up. I will be flying home on the RAF plane which apparently is not the most comfortable in the world!

  3. Have chocolate Easter eggs left over from Easter dinner that I’ll save for you. Amazing part of the world; hope to get there to see it some day. Your posts are wonderful, keep them coming. Hugs

  4. Thanks will look forward to them!