King Edward Point Station

September 30, 2010   

The station that I will be living at for 14 months is called King Edward Point and is at 54 17S 36 30W. It is an applied fisheries research station on South Georgia that was opened in 2001. The beakers studies provide sound scientific advice to assist in the sustainable management of the valuable commercial fisheries around South Georgia. The research is carried out under contract to the government of South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

The beakers at KEP are undertaking biological and ecological research to ensure the conservation of fish stocks. All fishing in the area is regulated by internationally adopted measures agreed by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources. This agreement is not only designed to ensure fishing is controlled but that the entire ecosystem is conserved.

The station is staffed by up to 18 people in the summer and eight in the winter. It comprises two single storey buildings. The laboratory building includes wet and dry labs with a large temperature controlled room which houses re-circulating sea water tanks for live specimens. There are sleeping quarters, computer room and a library. The three inshore boats are used for sampling local coastal waters and to assist with logistical support.

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