Moutain play

May 20, 2012   

We attempted to go out on the Extreme 40 this morning but came across a few problems that made it impossible to go out, despite getting out to the turning basin and hoisting the main. After an hour of working on the boat so it would be prepared for going out next weekend, I went off to the mountain play.

I jumped on the shuttle but it turned out to be the wrong one so I ended up at Muir Woods instead of the top of the mountain with only 15 minutes before the play started – oops. So I hitchhiked with some very nice people from Boston with two kids in their car who drove me to the top of the mountain- very kind of them as it was a 15 minute drive. I arrived only 10 minutes late.

Tara and myself at the play! I enjoyed hanging out with the Davis and their son Tyler.

This years play is The musicman and it was a beautiful day for it with a stunning view of the bay. The musical was as well done as usual. This evening I watched the eclipse of the sun and it is time to do some more studying for my coastguard exams. Hope you all had a great weekend.


One Response to “Moutain play”

  1. Love the view of the mountain in the background x mum