All White

July 24, 2011   

It has been a day of white. White snow, white fog, white sheets of paperwork and white paint. I am still not feeling very well but forced myself after spending all morning doing paperwork to go for a hike. Mum collects and opens all my mail in the US from a friend who very kindly empties my PO Box. This means that once every few months I receive a very long email from my secretary (Mum) with problems to solve and bills to pay. This month was exceptional as there was a lot of junk mail so I spent a long while emailing companies telling them to stop sending me marketing material – time will tell if that worked! All boring I know. So onto the next white…

This is me at Deadmans normally the view behind me would be down cardiac hill to the Maiviken Lake and the beaches beyond. However, as you can see when I got to the col it was very limited visibility about 20 yards. I didn’t fancy ‘scree’ skiing which would have resulted in large scars on the base of my skis so skinned to the church then changed into my hiking boots.

The last white is the paint that I am putting on the present I have completed (except for the painting) for the person back at home all to be revealed in a few weeks time!


2 Responses to “All White”

  1. Sutter Schumacher

    If it makes you feel any better (though I can’t see why it would), we’re all white here on NZ’s south island today, too. In fact, it’s a snow day for us — all shut in and nowhere to go. I guess you guys don’t get to use that excuse very often! 🙂

  2. Your pictures of Christchurch are beautiful. Just like you I am not used to winter in summer – guess you can never take the northern hemisphere out of california girls! It does make everything look nice and fresh and clean though just wish it was good for skiing!