Boat work, pulk changes and Doc School

July 13, 2011   

Wendy the Weddell seal who has been hanging around the track the last few days was on the shoreline when Tommy and Sam skinned by to the hydro plant to do some maintenance check. Sam took the picture above. I didn’t want to wreck my skis as with all the rain it was slushy so instead I decided to run which meant I got a touch damp but it was a great work out!

I have been going through all the tents we have on base, setting them up labelling the flys, poles and inners so we don’t get into the field and have an issue. Also finding the damage and putting it to one side to repair.

I also made very simple changes to the snowsled pulk so the cascade stretcher is secured inside – removing the snow fins and cutting down a foam pad to protect a patient from the metal parts and pieces in the bottom of the stretcher.

Also added strong attachment points allowing us to belay a patient down very steep parts and hauling points. When we have more snow we will try it all again.

I finished the extension to the RIB transom as you can see the plates I made to stop the thumbscrews from indenting into the glass are installed with the fuel filters. Now it is Matt Boats job to put the engines back on as it is his maintenance week and he is the outboard engine maestro.

We had a great Doc school with a scenario of a tourist having a heart attack and also one having an asthma attack. As I was on earlies I made a roast pork dinner with yorkshire puds etc.

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