July 19, 2010   

Olivier and David singing Sinartra’s ‘My Way’ on the stage at Kanehoe YC
The lais have been put around our necks and the guys are drinking mai tais.

We got in a few hours ago and Wayne was met by 14 of his family who are all here on holiday to meet him. Time to get off the boat have some food and get a good nights sleep before starting work on the boat in the morning.

Thanks for following!

A cool story just in – my friend JP doublehanded with his girlfriend on Express 27 Great White coming 2nd and at the half way he asked her to marry him so they are now engaged! Way to go.


One Response to “Finished”

  1. Congratulations on finishing the race! Have throughly enjoyed your blogs. May you have fewer breakdowns and/or repairs on the way back to SFO. All is well here with unusualy cool summer weather.