Fishmongers Wife

July 29, 2010   

4:30am the full moon is surrounded by a halo. The sea is calm and sky is clear except for the normal ominous looking squall clouds. Winds fluctuating around the squalls from 11-20 knots shifting as much as 50 degrees. One ear bud in from my Ipod so I can hear what is going on around me and listening to an odd mix of country and western, folk music and some of my brother Myles’s music left over from Round Britain.

Tiller extension resting on my knee using the sheet and traveler to steer the boat allowing her to take the lifts and bound along at sometimes 8 knots towards the east. It is like flying the twin otter using the trim tabs to keep your height. Trav up and sheet off in the lulls, trav down and sheet on in the gusts putting a bubble in the front of the main decreasing our power. The main on this boat has a huge roach and it really drives the boat. We have been running with the jib top and main for a few days now. Only difference is whether we put a reef in or not. No need for the autopilot although junior on the boat seems most distressed about the idea of not having one but I am quite relaxed about it. If we have to motor we will just run with a few sail ties keeping the helm in the center. Saying that tomorrow I might have another go at fault 115 microprocessor not talking to drive unit however, I have a feeling it is beyond repair offshore as funnily enough we don’t carry spare microprocessors onboard!

Dinner was beef tri tip au jus with potato I have a sneaky second helping when I get off watch. As usual I haven’t been into eating with it being so hot. Getting bored of the smash base but as long as the fresh meat lasts we will eat potato then move onto more flavorful bases like rice a roni when we are using canned meats or fish. Shame with the temperature being so hot in Hawaii it is not possible to keep vegetables. Two more pineapples left before we are out of fresh fruit besides apples and oranges which keep a lot longer.

Just back from the deck had to throw in a reef and get rid of the head sail. It always happens on Charlie’s watch that the squalls come through.

Oh almost forgot the reason for the title.. I smell like one! Just as I came on watch a large flying fish thinking RB was a predator lept out of the sea hitting me squarely on the leg leaving me slimed with fish scales. It flopped around in the cockpit for a while before finding it’s way out the stern.

position 29 13N 154 03W

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