For Henry!

November 27, 2009   

My brother told me that my three year old nephew was not interested in pictures of glaciers and icebergs and wanted pictures of machinery and animals so this post is for him. In a few days I will post some more for him of all the airplanes as he specifically requested a picture of the big planes! For now though these are pictures of the toys that Aunty Ash plays with everyday!






9 Responses to “For Henry!”

  1. missed the blog for a couple of days and what amazing pics I missed, such adventure…and did you say you were getting paid for this!! Jerry was on the wrong site and is now much more excited. Jen L. reading daily but does not leave comments.
    did anyone even comment on Thanksiving. Did you get my special card posted by Janice on my behalf?

  2. Hey if mom is hogging the comments what are we going to do when I want a chance to
    say anything,


  3. Annie is also reading daily and enjoying the posts.

  4. I’m with Hnery, bring on the ariplanes!!!


  5. OK will get the airplanes up soon. In fact there is one landing in a few minutes here! Glad you are enjoying the posts Annie. I will keep on writing as long as people are interested.

    Jerry what site were you on!

    No I didn’t get a card posted by Janice. Don’t know when the next mail is might be some coming in tomorrow on the JCR.

  6. We are definitively reading! Every post! Glad you are having a great time! It is amazing!

  7. Thanks for reading and sharing the experience with me 🙂 It is the most amazing place I have ever been just going for a 45 minute walk around the point is breathtaking especially on the clear days like today with literally 100 mile visibility.

  8. Loving this Ashley. You’re far better more entertaining than Builder Bob.

  9. Thanks I hope so! Hope all is going well with you and Pip!