Happy Thanksgiving!

November 26, 2009   

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US I really did miss my turkey dinner today – hope you all have a relaxing time with your family.

Today Kevin needed to go back to Leonie for some more plant sampling. It was the clearest day we have had on the water since I got here beautifully flat calm so that the mountains reflected perfectly on the water.
While Kevin and Clive were on Leonie we went out looking for the pinnacles for the dive team. Unfortunately as there was a leopard seal cruising the shallows we had to call off the dive. We drifted through the iceburgs with the engines off hearing them cracking and groaning.
While waiting for the guys to finish we anchored up to the snow and checked out the depot removing some of the old two stroke fuel that was too old to be used and also inventoried it so that we can put some more stuff out there that will be useful.

Lots of penguins around base today and yesterday they are very cute some of them were on the runway. So you here over the VHF which we have to all carry with us the air unit guys trying to remove animals so they don’t get squished.

11:15pm – Just got in from Marine Search and Rescue I had to have the boat at the wharf as we had a twin otter coming into land in a 30 knot crosswind with explosives onboard. We have to run on radio silence when there are explosives on a plane as there is a very slight possibility that they will detonate when a radio is used.
Doug was the pilot he is an ex tornado pilot and very experienced at running the twin otters this is his third season down here. He aborted his first landing and came is on the second. BAS really does hire people who are good at their job it was a stunning amount of skill to witness.


4 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Are these pics all taken with your new camera.They are brilliant xmum

  2. Yes from my camera and other peoples as well.

  3. Ash — we missed you very much on Thanksgiving. Was great being with your folks though — we were all at the Olsons. Your pics are fantastic — it all looks and sounds incredible. Love you a bunch — Betsy

  4. Ash!

    You were missed this Thanksgiving! I can’t believe is has already been a year since you were in Colorado and the twins were born. I got to have a brine soaked turkey and it was also a Paula Dean Thanksgiving so basically the most fattening food is made even more fattening. Clearly … I was not at my mother’s house. By the way if you can get Youtube look up Paula Dean and ham, the poor woman got hit in the face with a ham at a charity event. -R