Heading back…

July 27, 2010   

It is 8pm on the 26th and the wind is starting to calm down and stay below 20. We left on the morning of the 25th and have been beating into it since then with a high of 30 knots. The boat is well laden with fuel 84 g, water and food. It should get calmer all night here so I plan on shaking out the reef at some point. We have been sailing along with a single reef in the main and the number 4. A large wave earlier today swept some of the jerries over but they were tethered on so I went forward to pull them back aboard and re-lash them on the high side. Otherwise nothing really exciting going on.

The delivery crew of Luke, Charles and Ed are starting to settle in with the seasickness starting to abate and they are now getting into eating properly instead of just grabbing snacks. Last night was beef tri tip pot roast on mash and tonight turkey pot roast on mash.

We have made it north pretty fast and are about 4 hours ahead of where I thought we would be about now. Last night Deception stormed past us and at 5pm roll call they were 26 miles ahead of us. There are some 8 boats around us.

Tomorrow we will start the NOAA garbage survey which involves looking to leeward for an hour and marking down any garbage we see.

The high is drifting down south towards us and with this odd weather pattern we will start heading east earlier than normal and then head north again after the weekend.

It is very hot during the day and the solar panel is putting a lot of juice in the batteries so I don’t think we will have to charge until tomorrow morning if at all.

Our position is 25 16 340N 157 08 603W that is at 8:45pm HST on 26th July.


3 Responses to “Heading back…”

  1. Andrew McIrvine


    have a good trip back across the Pacific

    I was running a prizegiving at RORC this evening and by chance your father and brother were there as well by chance.

    It was delightful to meet them

    all the best,


  2. Tell Charlie his family is thinking of him and hoping he is having a great time. Love the descriptions– keep it up! The boys want to know if you have caught any fish to eat? Laurie

  3. Barney Desroches

    Hi Ashley,

    Please say “hello” to Edward for me — I’m a good friend.

    Ed, I look forward to hearing all about the voyage in August. May the constants surround and inspire you!

    Wishing all of you a wonderful journey to San Francisco,

    – Barney Desroches (Eugene, Oregon 4:45 pm – Thurs July 29, 2010)