KWRW 07 – Day 1

January 15, 2007   

Thought I would write a quick boat captains diary type thing – feel free to say this is boring – but thought it might be another perspective seeing as my class is covered by people better qualified to write about on the water!Yesterday up at 6:30am bed at 10:30pm – doing logistics all day including dinner of roast chicken for 14, home depot run for fender board, pharmacy to increase first aid kit usefulness, store to get 15 crates of water, 6 crates of Gatorade more food, home to unload, U-Haul to take truck back, back to hotel to order parts online, to dock with beer for crew coming back from training and parts, call electrician to change shore power cord so that it will power our British boat (no one should steal our cord at this point as it will plug into a US boat but will fry the boats electrical system if they do!!), beer tent for 10 minutes, cook dinner of fingerling potatoes, roast chicken, salad (oven wouldn’t work so had to take chicken to another apartment!), work of booking flights for rest of season, bed at 10:30pm.

6:00am alarm goes off
6:30 check emails online regarding delivery crew logistics for boat going to Caribbean and back up to Lauderdale
7:00am put out breakfast for 14 and make sandwiches for 13 one crew walks in and says they are sick so the spare crew is woken to sail for the day. I move positions from floater to second pit to take sick crews place.
7:20am at the boat finishing off job list (some crew have already been down to put grinder back together as it sheared in practice day, also computer is not working think video card is fried) normal boat prep sails on, rigging. quick conversation with relevant people on what my new tasks are for the day as secondary pit
8:10am leave the dock
9am up the rig tuning D2s
10am start of race light air good race for us, it was always going to be an interesting day as this was the first time the boat had EVER been raced inshore windward leeward, normal in between races of packing kites, wolfing down food
3pm back at dock and work on job list which includes moving mast butt, increasing rake on rig with new toggle, fixing starboard primary which won’t switch gears properly, rig check etc.
4:30pm up top of rig lubing sheaves
5:30pm scrubbing deck
6pm still working on rig tune, cleaning boat
6:20 – 6:30pm 10 minutes in beer tent having a coke with the owner and discussing my delivery crew for Caribbean and when I am leaving
6:35 – 7:30 cook pasta with white sauce, salmon, mushrooms, asparagus, carrots, green beans for 14 crew, cheated and used paper plates so less cleaning up!!
9pm – more logistics – booking of rental cars and ordering of parts online
9:45pm about to sign off of SA and hopefully go to bed for a 6am wake up
10pm should be falling into bed
BTW have a massive cold and flu – anybody else have it……………

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