Never have too much of a good thing

April 15, 2011   

This morning there wasn’t a stunning sunrise however, the light for the morning was beautiful bright blue skis sparkling off the snow. It was hard work on my run as the snow was deeper it took me 40 minutes for my normal 20 minute run. Back home for a quick bowl of porridge before getting to the boatshed to start servicing the engine.

The lower unit polished up with new gaskets and an impellor that was removed and checked ready to go back on the engine.

The parts suppliers back in the UK for our engines had responded to my request for advice on getting into the water pump seals which was very efficient of them. I took the powerhead off the engine and started to clean everything throughly and regrease it all with 600 + hours on the engine it has never had a really good clean just grease and corrosion guard has been added on again and again.

Middle section of the engine with the lower unit and powerhead removed.

Power head removed and ready to clean away all the grease

Powerhead ready to be cleaned on monday morning

I didn’t really even get 1/2 way through the job before it was time for a quick lunch so I could get scrub out done and go for a snowshoe after work around Gull Lake.

Tommy came with me bringing his snowboard and actually got quite a few turns in on the track on the way home.

We first went up across the Dam which made for some interesting crabbing with snow shoes for Tommy!

The leeward shore of the lake was piled up with ice fragments which were beautiful in the falling sun.

We had a good pace going and got home again just as the light faded and it really started to blow. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get up to Deadmans and take the jerry can of kerosene the rest of the way to Maiviken Hut. For now time to relax with a good book (more exactly my kindle!) unfortunately not in front of a fire but in the warm and cozy KEP bar.

Photo by Rob Webster of the Bar

Have a great weekend everyone.


2 Responses to “Never have too much of a good thing”

  1. Hope u wore gloves to service the engine Ashley! Love mum

  2. Of course not mum….. why would I ever change!