Other Bases of Antarctica and the Treaty

October 31, 2009   

Answering some more questions I have received!

There are many other bases in Antarctica however, we don’t get together and have tea and biscuits! The other stations are quite a distance away.

Antarctica has been set aside as a scientific preserve for scientific investigation there is to be no military activity on the continent. Antarctica has no “permanent population” and hence no citizenship or government. However, theTreaty which was signed by 47 countries has 21 Articles which regulates activities by the signators on the continent.


2 Responses to “Other Bases of Antarctica and the Treaty”

  1. Ash, the girls here (USCC) coming back from the USA camp in Antarctica are telling me that the only peoples they have been spending time and seeing where the Roast- beef (Brit) and they have not seen any cheese (French) around.
    But apparently they have been seeing each over few times.

  2. Yes the American ship comes alongside at Rothera sometime in the New Year and we get to see them then 🙂 Hope all is well in sunny california. Off to the rain in the Falklands.