Outwardly Serene?

July 28, 2010   

3:30am so bright the moon illuminates the keyboard on the computer. Poor mans auto of sail ties as the auto has a microprocessor fault. Blast reacher 6 -7 knots on course flat calm seas no spray 13 knots of wind. Bare feet, lightweight fleece, trousers, warm, dry, no leaks, no monkey butt. 1.5 hours on and 4.5 hours off! Enya on the ipod a few clouds giving us some breeze a few stars to sail by.

Yesterday did our first transect for the NOAA ocean debris project starting to see lots of plastic garbage in the ocean.

Deleted mountains of mourne off the ipod, read some David Adams Liquid Mountains, thinking of Dad having his operation today, looking forward to getting home and going camping in a national park!


One Response to “Outwardly Serene?”

  1. Ashley Thankyou for the blogs. I will continue to follow the trip back. Ed’s DAD