The French Invasion

February 11, 2008   

This last weekend a group of us went on our annual ski trip to Tahoe which is always the 2nd weekend of February. We rent a large ski cabin owed by a school friend of mines family. It is a great cabin near Tahoe City that holds 10 people. A few people cancelled last minute so we ended up with only 6 up at the cabin. 4 out of the 6 are French so I had a good time trying out bad French and trying to understand them!

Scott was cross country skiing so he kindly took Draeger the dog out for some trail walks. I tried to stay up with the French on the slopes. My skiing is functional and not stylish at all – oh well for a person that goes once a year. I stuck with them even on the double diamond black which I almost bailed on and started the long walk back on the catwalk then decided I was being old and did it anyways. Allez op was the call on the slopes all weekend.

The snow was amazing I have not ever seen it that deep in the last 8 years I have been going up there. It was spring skiing conditions – very warm sun but not slushy snow. We skied Homewood on Saturday with the beautiful views of the lake and Alpine on Sunday where we had a picnic at the top of the mountain. We made our skis into lounge chairs! A very enjoyable weekend.

Have a good week.

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