Too beautiful

July 31, 2011   

Stunning blue sky today – picture of my kit with Sugar Top behind (large mountain to the left)

Today was too beautiful to stay inside with a headache so I took paracetamol and headed for Gull Lake. Unfortunately for the movie makers they ended up staying inside editing on the computer so I was on my own on the slopes overlooking the cove. I stopped at Shackleton’s grave to soak up some rays of sun.

I skinned up alongside the waterfall and then had to remove my skis to front point up a very steep portion. Once up to Gull Lake which is frozen over I did a circuit along the shore of the lake which was beautiful snow conditions.

Skinning self portrait!

While sitting in the sun having lunch looking over the pancake ice covered cove Pat and Sarah skinned by on their way to Penguin River.

Pat and Sarah far below. The next person tempted out was Tommy for some snow boarding to the left of the track. The conditions were absolutely beautiful and I did two runs before the sun went below the mountains leaving the slope in the shade. I decided it was time to retire to the boatshed ramp where the sun stayed a a while longer. Tommy kept up the snowboarding.

What a stunning day.


6 Responses to “Too beautiful”

  1. Wow, just stunning, as you say too beautiful to stay inside & pitty the film makers!
    I guess when the sun shines you have to get out & make the most of it…….It’s misty here & we have drizzle, well it is summer!

  2. Beautiful. UK is having heatwave. Sultry 28C. I watched Clipper boats start RTW race yesterday at Solent, but they are almost becalmed in Channel.

  3. I know your blog is not a UK weather page, but sometimes I am unsure…….. I am in the same country as Peter but we have low cloud, drizzle, & frankly no heatwave in site!

  4. mumx went to see the Clipper ships too but they went the opposite way than we had anticipated , we were the Yarmouth area, incredible pics AP

  5. Ash it was a stunning day on the solent, we one tacked all the way to Yarmouth and
    Went by Malcom and Fionas house but didn’t see any action


  6. looks good sis