Tracks in the snow

April 13, 2011   

The light this morning was beautiful for my run and there was hardly any breeze. Lots of great tracks to look at in the snow!

Furry flip marks

JCB going to Grytviken

Ali put his skis on and poled himself around about 20meters!


Giant Petrel

On my morning run

Tommy doing earlies

After work I took a jerry can of kerosene up to Deadmans for at Maiviken hut as we were running low. I packed it in a rucksack put on my IPOD (coutesy of Scott, Adam and Guillemette) and listened to some upbeat music while climbing the hill to Deadmans. There was at some points 10 inches of snow in drifts but mostly around 4 or 5 inches however, I didn’t have to break the trail as the yachties had been up the track ahead of me during the day as had Alastair on his poo collection! When I got to the top I paused long enough to listen to the complete stillness as there was no breeze at all. The only sound was the overflowing streams full of snow melt cascading down as waterfalls along Bore Valley. It seemed like I was looking at a black and white picture with the exception of some tussock grass peaking through at the beaches of Maiviken. I changed tracks to classical from Out of Africa on the way back down with no load on my back it was a very pleasant walk. I rounded the corner to Grytviken and was met by a profusion of color the buildings, the mirror still cove and the sun setting which left tinges of pink high above the gray clouds. Time for dinner cooked by Tommy which was tasty (chicken, stilton, mushrooms and rice) and a few hours of work on my MWP in the wood shop.


4 Responses to “Tracks in the snow”

  1. Hiya,
    You have the tracks, but have you seen pintail? I have not seen any pics of them yet!
    It all looks picturesque in the snow; will be interesting to see how low the temperature gets, especially after the unusually warm summer months.
    Best wishes

  2. There were around 450 on Thatcher I think quite a few made their home in the pond next to the fuel farm. You need to ask your son about them recently… though he is out on the ship for two weeks now. It is beautiful in the snow that is for sure and I hope it continues to be cold enough to keep it here.

  3. 🙂

  4. Mrs Terwilliger would have been proud ! Mumxox