Unusual activities

March 22, 2008   

22nd – Annabelle and I didn’t get back from the bar until 1:30am this morning so my idea of going to Battabang City on the 7am boat got given the thumbs down. Instead it was a late up and then brunch at the Blue Pumpkin which is an expensive pastry shop that looks like it should be in London or San Francisco. Followed by a body massage by blind people while dressed in blue scrubs for $5 for an hour and then onto manicures and pedicures. All very unusual things for me to do and I was very fidgety Annabelle and Jessie kept on looking at me and laughing at my unease. So now I have very clean nails but no color on them. Annabelle I reckon is getting a kick back from my mum as she is on my case about skirts and dresses. I asked if she wanted me to leave her in Cambodia on her own!


One Response to “Unusual activities”

  1. Annabelle Booth

    The massage was wonderful but we all could not help giggling when my blind masseuse burped loudly half way through. It should have ruined the relaxed mood but somehow didn’t!